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The Power of Soul

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Soul heals all blockages and transforms all life. A human being is made up of soul, mind and body. The soul is “the person”, and uses the mind and body to integrate into this reality; to experience life or better … Read More

Lessons of Nature

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I have received some of my greatest messages through nature and it has always led me in the right direction (if I followed the guidance). As I was sitting out yesterday I got a message that I’m inspired to share … Read More

Are You in the Frequency of Love?

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I was reading over some stats that were being compared to how much people bought last year to express their love versus this year. The stats suggest that there are way less people giving this year and preparing for Valentine’s … Read More

Closing The Hips

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Closing the hips is a very ancient practice that is used by many cultures to help women after their 40 days of Postpartum. Although it has become quite colonized and commercialized it is usually knowledge that is passed down generation … Read More

The Power of Intimacy

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When was the last time you had a soft embrace from your lover? Can you recall your last passionate kiss? If so, what did it feel like? Can you recall the increase in endorphins that race through your body? How … Read More

A Woman and Her Moon Cycle

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A woman in tune with HERĀ  moon/womb cycle is a woman in tune with her DIVINE FEMININE POWER. She is a woman in harmony and flow of the Earth; of the Universe. She understands that she isn’t a part of … Read More