From the very beginning I’ve wanted more. I remember as a child enjoying sweet smelling perfumes, nice clothes, nice shoes, exotic foods and more. I remember always wanting to go somewhere, to take an adventure! Of course as a child I didn’t know the cost of anything; all I knew was it made me feel good. My mother would say to me, “why do you always have to pick the expensive stuff”, as her face expressed her displeasure. This was the forming of my money story.

As if that didn’t complicate things enough, I was spiritually sensitive as a child. I would know things before they happened. I could sense other peoples’ energy; what they were feeling, even what they were thinking. And I’m a child so I had not learned the spirit of discernment…needless to say I stayed in trouble with the adults for speaking about grown people stuff and being in grown people business.

Eventually, I began to accept the indoctrination of my parents’ money story. I took on the imprinting of their patterns and belief systems of not being enough, life is hard, lack, you have to struggle for what you want, that’s just the way it is, who do you think you are to have this or that.

Well, I knew that was not the game I wanted to play! I spent the majority of my life with my arms crossed sitting on the sidelines because if I was not gonna have this BIG, AND EXPANSIVE LIFE that I wanted, I wasn’t going to play this game called life. For me, this was the wrong planet and the wrong time. So, I decided that I would just wait to drop my body and move on.

Then I had an encounter and that all changed! I realized this life was my adventure and I could do and have whatever I desired. The reality was and is “there is no such thing as limitation”.

I started on my spiritual path and started living the life of the True Goddess that I Am! Once I tapped into this part of myself and broke the patterns of negative imprinting, the Universe revealed her secrets to me. She yields, transforms, sows and reaps per my request because I have learned to be in Oneness with her.

Today, I Own my life! I’ve accepted that I am magical, orgasmic, untamed and unique. As the Owner of Sacred Love Academy and the infamous programs, “The Sacred Love Womb Detox” and “The Ways of a Mystic”. I Am in the driver seat of my life; creating and living in my MAGIC! What about you, Goddess? Are you ready for your magic?

This journey may not be for the faint of heart however it is so worth it. You Are Worth It! You can have the life you so richly deserve and I can show You how…. If you just dare to Say Yes!