A Woman and Her Moon Cycle

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A woman in tune with HERĀ  moon/womb cycle is a woman in tune with her DIVINE FEMININE POWER. She is a woman in harmony and flow of the Earth; of the Universe. She understands that she isn’t a part of it. SHE IS IT!! Some of us make the mistake of doing moon practices from the point of view that they are being regulated by the moon or sun. Could it be that YOU are the one that’s doing the regulating.

Think of the different phases of the moon as your daily, monthly or quarterly planner. It helps you to stay organized and do things in their proper place; keeping you organized and in flow.

If you’ve been following me for awhile you know I believe in the manifesting power of the womb. As women we have the ability to harness that power and bring into this dimension our most orgasmic, desired life; One that we’ve never even imagined possible. I’ve experienced her power over and over again and she hasn’t let me down… not once. However, there is a phase and timing for everything in order for us to be successful in bringing forth the desire. The key is tapping into the TRUTH of any matter and understanding what the womb is trying to tell us. For more on that process you can check out A Diary For My Daughters; Passing The Keys To The Queendom.

If you can imagine that the moon and you is more than just about when you bleed each month; you can become a powerful, magical, mystical, manifesting machine. So whether you want a baby, business, new relationship or just a new you, it can be manifested through your womb and her cycles.

Let’s look at the different moon cycles and how to take advantage of them in the manifestation process.

There are many different phases of the moon and I will talk about 2. The New and Full moon.

New Moon

This happens when the sun and moon come into alignment (divine masculine and feminine) This is the time to get still, clear and plant your seeds of desire. If you have Sacred Sex during this time as you keep your intention, your manifesting power will be magnified. (If you’re not familiar with Sacred Sex, i’ll discuss that in another post.)

New Moon Ritual

  1. Set the environment: Get the energy of prepping for your lover. Dim the lights, soft music, light your candles. What ever works for you.
  2. Write down your desires: Grab your manifesting journal or a tablet or a sheet of paper and write down your desires in great detail.
  3. Sip on your Sacred Jasmine Tea As you are writing out your desires in your feminine power; sip on your Sacred Jasmine Tea; in appreciation and nourishment of your womb space.
  4. Make a connection with the Divine, Universe, God… whatever resonates with you.
  5. Light a specific white candle for your desire.
  6. Meditate on your desire
  7. Then blow out your candle KNOWING that it is DONE!

Wanna get a powerful boost? Get a Heart/Womb Reiki Alignment!


Full Moon

The full moon nourishes and heals. The moon in general represent the feminine aspect. So the full moon represents a woman in her fullness. She absorbs the light of the sun and reflects it back in her fullness. When it is full it has a strong gravitational pull on the earth. This is an amazing creative energy. It is also a great time to tap into your intuitive powers. You are full and ready to birth your new ideas and manifestations. Don’t be surprised if you experience the labor pains of life right before. This is normal. Think about it, just like giving birth to a physical baby, things have to open up, release so something magical can come forth. In order to open doors that were closed for you, or closed doors that you left open but is blocking what YOU say you want; things have to shift. And sometimes that’s uncomfortable for us… but necessary! That’s why people put out their crystals on a full moon. In it’s fullness it will draw out what’s not needed so we can bring in what we do need and desire. To help clear out old patterns and put in a higher vibration, check out the Heart/Womb Reiki Attunement!

Full Moon Ritual

This is the time to really tap into your feminine energy.

  1. Set the environment; one that is set for a queen. Dim the lights or turn off the lights. Play soft or meditative music.
  2. Light candles; have several different colors for your candles. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Violet to represent the different chakras) Or you can use what you have.
  3. Take a Sacred Bath
  4. Lay your crystal around and in your bath.
  5. Sacred Movement; When you get out your Sacred Bath, put on feminine, yet loose fitting clothes and move your body being in the fullness of your divine feminine power.
  6. Declare Your Intention: You can write this down in your journal and KNOW that it is DONE!

Remember you can alter the rituals as you see fit. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU NEED!! FEEL THE ENERGY!! This is YOUR universe! This is YOUR power!


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