Are You in the Frequency of Love?

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I was reading over some stats that were being compared to how much people bought last year to express their love versus this year. The stats suggest that there are way less people giving this year and preparing for Valentine’s Day than this time last year. It said that people were more self-consumed and in self-preservation mode.
However, another set of stats that more alarming was the fact that more people are showing signs of depression, anxiety and hopelessness. The question I asked was, How can people be more self-consumed yet performing at a deficit in life. The answer is quite simple….
“You can only keep what you are willing to give away”. This is a spiritual principle that I have to be honest, it took me some time to really get it.
This is a time for community, compassion, peace and love for others and in giving that to others you also put yourself in a frequency to get it back.
For example, I started my non-profit during a time my business really needed my attention. But at the same time I witnessed so many children and families suffering from overwhelm, anxiety and sadly losing loved ones to suicide. I had to decide to continue with my business being the main focus or to take a detour and get this non-profit off the ground. Well, I decided to get the non-profit going and I am so happy I did. Cultural Light Center (the name of the non-profit by the way)  has helped so many families and I have been tremendously blessed in my business and my personal life from its creation.
This is not to be confused with Self-Sacrificing! I don’t believe in Self-Sacrificing! My motto is and has always been, Give…. and be sure to give from your OVERFLOW….not from an empty cup… not from a half full cup. Allow your cup to be completely full and then give to others from the excess.

Tips on Tapping into the frequency of Love

  1. Wake up between 3-5 am for prayer and meditation. The frequency at this time is so high, peaceful and serene.
  2. Journal – specifically a gratitude journal. Write down 10 things you are grateful for.
  3. After feeling the gratitude, write down 10 good deeds you can do for someone else in return. This doesn’t have to cost any money, it can be a kind word, a smile or giving in charity (food, clothes or money)
Do this for at least 30 days and notice how good you feel.
You can also join our Sacred Love Community to connect with other high vibrational people looking to grow in Self-Love, Self-Care and Self-Empowerment.


After joining the community you will be able to see the activities we have coming up in February exclusively for Sacred Love Community members. 

Unceasing Love and Light,

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