The Power of Intimacy

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When was the last time you had a soft embrace from your lover? Can you recall your last passionate kiss? If so, what did it feel like? Can you recall the increase in endorphins that race through your body? How your body absorbed it in  every cell? After being in a relationship for awhile some couples still have sex but they allow the intimacy to fade away which is huge mistakes.

As a Sacred Love Coach I teach women how to really be in their power… How to live a life full, complete and filled with passion regardless to whom or what. Unapologetically living their most orgasmic lives!! Because the truth is, if you can’t give, receive and BE INTIMACY you will have a difficult time manifesting your desires.

I met a woman a few years ago that was in her 30s at the time, she had 2 children and had experience her first orgasm a couple of months before meeting me. She was so embarrassed to tell me this but I was not shocked at all. I had heard it from so many women before her. She felt like she was just existing in the world. She felt as though she was only living for her husband and children. Not really living but existing.  And she was more than willing to be a martyr for her family and friends. She explained to me how she felt that she was suffocating. And I asked her the same questions I started off with in this blog post. Can you recall your last soft embrace? (from a lover) Can you recall your last passionate kiss? Why did I ask her this…Kissing generates a deep level of intimacy. I don’t mean a peck, I mean a deep, long french kiss. It communicates with our inner spirit that we really want to connect. And it helps to open a closed heart. It opens up a door for us that most women had forgotten was even there.

Did you know that saliva contains testosterone which is also a sex hormone that plays a part in sexual arousal? So we all know that sex doesn’t necessarily mean intimacy and intimacy doesn’t necessarily mean we have sex. The point here is being intimate (even with yourself) will open you up, lay down your barriers and make it much easier for you to manifest your desire. And if you are having problems manifesting your true desires it could be a blockage in your relationships. So beware of those things that could be blocking you and your partner from true intimacy.

3 things that block intimacy with you and your partner.

  1. Past Lovers

    When we have sex with someone there are a lot of things that go on with us physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and energetically. (Each one of these could be a blog post on its own.) When we make that connection (especially if it was good) there is an imprinting that is deeply sketched into our very being. So when we get to the next relationship and it doesn’t measure up, it’s hard for us to find the pleasure that match our last experience. Regardless if it was good or bad we establish an energetic cord with each lover and this energy can block intimacy with our new lover. Which is why I’m constantly stressing the importance of Womb Detox.

  2. Trauma

    I have shared my story many times of how I was molested at five years old. So the message I learned at a very early age is that my body didn’t belong to me. I didn’t matter. The other person experienced pleasure and I experienced pain. So it was ok for me not to be satisfied and maybe being satisfied would be shameful. I learned that I could not express what I needed and desired in the bedroom even after marriage. Sometimes this is why women fake orgasms. They feel as though they don’t have a voice. They feel as though they are not important as long as the person you are with is satisfied. Some women feel as though they are a servant..just there to serve their lover’s needs. We don’t want to hurt the person we love by telling them that we are not being satisfied. We become the martyr in the bedroom. Which eventually leads to resentment and a lack of intimacy. Trust me, this is more about us as women not using our voices mostly because we were told not to say anything, not to tell. And of course intimacy can’t exist where there is trauma. Look at the Womb Detox Program on ways to eradicate this kind of traumatic imprinting.

  3. Hormonal Imbalances

    One of the symptoms of hormone imbalance is a lower sex drive. As women there are many things that can throw off our hormones. Pregnancy, post- pregnancy, menopause, stress and even the foods that we eat. I’ve written in other articles on ways we can balance hormones with proper diet, womb and/or breast massage, herbal tonics and yoni steams. Here I want to bring your awareness to the most overlooked cause and that is THOUGHT! Hormones are chemicals that are produced by glands in the endocrine system. The hormones travel through the blood stream to the tissues and organs delivering messages that tell the organs what to do and when to do it. It is well known that our thoughts can effect the endocrine system and send mixed messages to the body. You can try it for yourself. Recall a time where you were really afraid of something you can make yourself re-experience it and your body respond the same way it did then. You can also recall the best lover you ever had and your body can re-experience that as well. In other words your thoughts about your present lover and past lovers can affect your ability to experience intimacy.

So be courageous enough to handle your womb and heart. You can take a look at the Womb Detox Program Here. Or you can choose to work with me One on One.

Then allow yourself to tap into the Power of True Intimacy and HAVE the experiences you truly desire.

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