Closing The Hips

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Closing the hips is a very ancient practice that is used by many cultures to help women after their 40 days of Postpartum. Although it has become quite colonized and commercialized it is usually knowledge that is passed down generation through generation. With my great grandmother she never referenced it by a particular name she would just say, “make sure you close that girl and keep the cold out”. It wasn’t until I was in my adulthood and had in depth training (and still training) did I understand the great jewel my great grandmother tried to give me all those years.

So, why close the hips? Within two weeks of conception the body begins to prepare itself to carry life. The hips begin to adjust and start the opening process. So whether a woman carries to full term with a bundle of joy to take home or she has a still birth, or miscarriage or abortion she will still need to be closed. I was taught that even if she miscarries or has an abortion she would need to go through the postpartum protocol to restore the mind, body and soul.

Closing the hips ceremony would start with realignment of the womb and organs. Your body just grew another human in it and has been stretched to the limit. Doing the womb alignment is to ensure everything is in its proper place before closing.

That is the physical but what’s just as important is the spiritual. This mother has stood at the door of life and death and gone through the pain of death to receive new life. Closing the hips is a process of bringing mother back into herself spiritually, and call any fragmented pieces back. I won’t go into how to do it here because it should be done by a practitioner or someone from your community that has been well trained on closing the hips and womb alignment. It is a very special and sacred time for mom that should be handled with the upmost of care and consideration.

You can schedule a closing of the hips here.

Done in Atlanta, GA or if I am traveling to your city for a training or giving services

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    Peace. How are you? I would like to get trained by you. What is the process?

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