A Diary For My Daughters
A Diary For My Daughters

This would be a perfect gift for your mother, daughter, niece, cousin, auntie or friend. Trust me they will thank you later.

Great for groups, mentors and organizations. Email me at for information on bulk orders.

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Amethyst Yoni Egg
Amethyst Yoni Egg

Amethyst is known to carry a connection with the divine… the “Stone of Spirit” It’s color is a mirror of the crown chakra – the doorway to the divine.

This sacred Amethyst Yoni Egg can help us to tap into our divine feminine as we willingly submit ourselves in the Heart of the Divine.

This stone also helps with making smooth transitions, cleanse your energy, and activate your healing abilities. It is a stone of Love and Love melts ALL blockages.


All yoni eggs are prayed over and go through a spiritual upliftment process per the customer. Allow extra time to do this before shipping.

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Business Coaching For Spiritpreneurs
Business Coaching For Spiritpreneurs

Business Coaching for Coaches, Consultants, Wellness Professionals

3 months

Foundational Business Set up for coaches and wellness professionals, coaching methodology, product development, how to get speaking engagements (pitch and templates), program creation, how to plan and create Luxe Spiritual Retreats, pricing, proposal, business event creation, sales strategy, (on and offline) setting up a consulting business, executive planner, Online course creation, 5 video sessions on coaching your client to a desired end, private member portal, coaching toolkit (coaching business in a (digital) box), monthly check in with me and access to Elite Master Mind Group, How to Get Business Credit,

3 months of support afterwards


**Bonus** How and when to set up a non-profit Organization, grants list, templates

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Carnelian Yoni Egg
Carnelian Yoni Egg

Carnelian is “the stone” for the Sacral Chakra which of course houses the womb. Its brilliant color of orange is of the frequency of the Sacral Chakra. Carnelian helps with motivation, protection and endurance. It is also known to help you find your voice as it relates to your sexuality.

Carnelian is also useful for helping you to overcome any abuse. It aids you in trusting yourself and your power to be vulnerable yet safe.


All yoni eggs are prayed over and go through a spiritual upliftment process per the customer. Allow extra time to do this before shipping.

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Crystal Yoni Egg
Crystal Yoni Egg

Clear quartz is known as the “master healer” and amplifies energy and thought. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy.

It balances and revitalizes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. Is cleanses and enhances the organs and subtle bodies (energy body) and acts as a deep soul cleanser, connecting the physical dimension with the mind.

Harmonizes all chakras and aligns the subtle bodies


All yoni eggs are prayed over and go through a spiritual upliftment process per the customer. Allow extra time to do this before shipping.

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Fibroid Release Private Coaching
Fibroid Release Private Coaching
I know your frustrated Sis, but now is the time to reclaim your well being!!!
  • Get your life back
  • No more planning your life around heavy bleeding
  • Decrease number of days of bleeding
  • Increased vitality to do the things you want to do in life
  • Rec-connect the mind body balance
  • Feel like yourself again in your body
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Fibroids Release Program
Fibroids Release Program

What’s included:

  • Private Consultation… so that you get a specialized program for you and not a generic one.

  • Fibroid Release System (The exact method I used to release my fibroids in 3 days 

  • Food Diary Forms

  • Herbal Pack Recipes (To break up and help with release of Fibroids)

  • Womb Journal Booklet

  • Access to 7 Day Online Womb Yoga class

  • Access to Sacred Love Community Facebook Group

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Jade Yoni Egg
Jade Yoni Egg

Jade Yoni Egg has been used since ancient times. It was once only used by the Queen and Royals of the Court. It is known as “The Queen’s Stone”. It is often used in dream work to help in lucid dreaming and remembering dreams.

Also used by mystics and those beings who remember realm and dimensional travel…. which is why it’s also called the “Alchemist Stone”.

Jade also carries a revitalization energy for healing.

It is a stone to enhance your connection with the divine feminine in you.

A stone of Abundance

Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg is also used to open the heart chakra.

Also known to activate abundance and good fortune to flow naturally from the cosmos into the physical realm. Because of this it is also known as a “Manifestation Stone”.

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Keep It Sweet Womb Steam Blend
Keep It Sweet Womb Steam Blend
Try our Keep It Sweet Womb Steam Blend for
  • Overall womb health
  • Unblock stagnant energy
  • Tighten and Tone
  • Reconnect to the Divine Feminine
These are more than just herbs you put in a pot. They are prayed over and crystal infused with a request to enlighten YOUR path for your specific journey.
Your perfect option for womb steaming at home.

You do the math! One steam could cost on average $65. In this package you can get 4 Steams done.

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Marketing Strategy Session
Marketing Strategy Session

Let’s BE PREPARED to have Booming Businesses in 2024!

Don’t sabotage your business by not setting a financial goal and not having a marketing strategy to meet that goal.

Major companies already have there entire plan for 2024 and you can too.


Join us December 28, 2023 @ 7pm.

After purchase you’ll be sent the log in information to join

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Orgasmic Life Coaching
Orgasmic Life Coaching

Orgasmic Life Coaching: For the Woman Who Wants it ALL!!!!

3 months

  • Includes comprehensive weekly coaching
  • bioengineering
  • personalized plans
  • templates
  • planner
  • trauma release process for past failures, disappointments, health conditions and betrayal.
  • Systems For Living Blueprint Method
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Postpartum Doula Training
Postpartum Doula Training

In this training you will learn Ancient and Sacred Art of Caring for a woman after giving birth.

If you care about women. If you want to make a difference in your community and learn a specialized care to help nurture, nourish and care for women…this is the training for you.


  • Sacred Herbs For Womb Ailments or For Healing Postpartum
  • Proper Foods to eat and how for how long
  • Postpartum Womb Alignment
  • A Closing The Hips Ceremony
  • Belly Binding Technique
  • Sacred and Ancient Womb Wisdom
  • Sisterhood, Food and Fun

Location and the list of items to bring will be emailed after registration.

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