What if I told you in less than 5 minutes you could have a personalized plan for ABUNDANT HEALTH? A technology that has truly help me to shift my ENTIRE BEINGNESS!! LET ME INTRODUCE:

The AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer is one of the most sophisticated Biophysics therapy technologies in the world.

As you may or may not know, every cell, organ and gland in the body has its own specific frequency or oscillation. These oscillations can become disturbed or disrupted by stress, trauma, injury, diet, parasites, mold, virus, bacteria, EMFs, toxin exposure, and emotional disturbances; things that we are bombarded with every day.  This adversely effects biological function, and when appropriate attention isn’t given – fatigue, depression, illness, dis-ease and even death occurs, which too many of us has accepted as NORMAL!

This technology allows us to go to the deepest levels of healing. No more fighting with those family members who hate going to the doctor or not involved in all the “energy healing stuff”.

This is non-invasive and gives results in less that 1 minute!!!

AO Scan Mobile therapeutically achieves “entrainment” in the body-mind

Through entrainment, we can synchronize or harmonize various organs and cells in the body. (This can be done from the comforts of your own home) When an organ begins to vibrate out of its natural frequency, information signaling processes can become blocked or distorted negatively impacting many metabolic functions. The organ then becomes vulnerable to potential imbalances—deterioration, disease, viruses, bacteria, and so on.

When we reinforce its natural frequency through entrainment with frequency transmissions from AO Scan Mobile, the organ’s resonance is restored, it regains its energy, and the intruder energy that was causing damage ceases to exist, and the organ is restored to health.

How it works in Simple Bullet Points?

  • First it detects frequencies of the various cells, tissues and organs of the body and compares them with the database of healthy frequencies to determine abnormalities.
  • Takes only 4 minutes to complete.
  • Generates a detailed 24 page report report of the health analysis of all the organs, systems and tissues of the body along with recommended action.
  • Then in treatment, it turns those balancing frequencies back to the body, specific to the scanned areas.
  • With repetition the body begins to correct itself at its deepest level, the level of subtle energy.
  • Clients see their numbers change in real time during the process, and they can see a comparison of how over time the treatment has worked.
  • Unique to AO it can project the health status out 3 to 5 years.
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