A Mystical Wayfarer!

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Welcome to the experience of a Mystical Wayfarer!

It is amazing to me how much we actually know about who we are as children. And disappointing on just how fast we get indoctrinated to what and who we are not. Since I was a child, I never felt like I fit in. It doesn’t matter where I went, who I was with and what we were doing, I never felt like I belong. Surely you have heard of The Black Sheep of the Family” syndrome. There was no understanding of this reality. I was very sensitive and cried very easily. I couldn’t figure out why people did the things they did. Why would you kill or hurt another person? Why would you take from another what didn’t belong to you? It was quite a struggle! My friends use to make fun of me because I was so sensitive. Even to my parents I seemed “weak”.

I felt so different than everyone else. The most sad part about this as I look back on it is I made myself wrong for being different. I spent most of my life with my arms crossed and adamant about not participating in this reality. I was going to waist time until I drop the body so I can go back “home”.  Can you relate?

I didn’t realize the way I showed up in the world WAS AND IS MY MAGIC!!!  The thing is, in this 3rd dimension reality we are in the law of cause and effect. So we are participating but not in a way that is serving us. When we don’t consciously participate, we find our selves at the effect of everything that is happening to us, for us and on us. If you are in this pattern take a look around you. More than likely you are surrounding with people who have an agenda for you. It’s all about how you can benefit them and others. And why not? If you’re not going to do anything with your life I guess they can find something for you to do. Trust me it is a more fun game when we learn to be the one controlling the winds verses the one that is being moved around as dust.

I know what that feels like. It wasn’t until I was able to remember who I am, exactly why I came here in the first place and what my mystical powers are that life totally shifted for me.


I am here to tell you, there’s no need to suffer or struggle in 3D. Stay tuned and I’ll go over how I figured all this out. How I became intrigued about “playing” in the game of life; not just to play but to win, to follow the bliss and create the Magic. Also how to manifest my powers in a 3 dimensional reality with ease. Take this journey with me as I share where I came from and give you insight on where YOU came from and how YOU got here.  Because I would venture to say what I found true for me you will also find true for you, which is; We actually signed up to come here for a very specific reason. A part of my assignment is to help you remember what that thing is AND HOW TO ACTIVATE YOUR GALACTIC POWERS.

Are you ready?

I AM!!!

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Let’s Do It! You so got this!

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