I am Allison aka, The Cosmic Midwife. I have been coaching, motivating and mentoring women and girls for a lifetime. It gives me great joy to see them step into their Queenship, Unapologetically.
As an Intuitive healer and Womb Minister, I’ve helped clients from all over the world reach True Transformation by getting to the root cause of their blockages.

We have it all wrong to look for people and things outside of ourselves for validation while playing little victim girl. Through the Mastery of Self-Love, Self-Care and Self Empowerment I can show you how to transform every aspect of your life! Whether it’s Finding your true love, building a bigger business, clarity to the Blueprint of your Soul Purpose or transforming your health; the sacred and powerful skills and techniques I teach on how to tap into the power of your womb space will help you to Birth your True desires…as if it was by magic!

Nothing about you was meant to be mediocre. You were meant to live a Big life, playing a Big game. So let’s make that happen!