Sacred CEO Class
Sacred CEO Class

What’s Included in this Class

  • All about Branding

  • Honing in on your Ideal Client and how to find them

  • Marketing & Sales Strategy

  • Strategy for consistent 10K months and more

  • Getting Business Credit

  • Doing Joint Ventures & Affiliate Marketing

  • Live Masterclass (September 9th)

  • Recording of Masterclass for those who registered

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Tuning Forks Course
Tuning Forks Course

Learn how sound healing can:

  • Reboot the nervous system

  • Align the chakras

  • Heal the Endocrine System

  • Scan the body for blockages

  • promote overall good health

Using Tuning Forks

Live Class January 2, 2023

Great item to add to your list of services for your wellness spa or just with your family.
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