Resilient and resourceful, pragmatic, yet passionate, Glenda Kroll is a dynamic relationship expert, successful businesswoman, real estate investor, and author. Hailing from Toronto, the mother of two has had her fair share of both heartbreak and happiness. Through her trials and tribulations, she has become a voice to help others as a life, health and personal development coach. She draws on her unimaginable experiences and has dedicated herself to helping women worldwide overcome deception, divorce, and other setbacks—teaching them that transformation is, in fact, possible with perseverance, planning, and taking action one step at a time.

Whether it’s Glenda specializing in one-on-one coaching sessions, workshops, panel discussions and events worldwide, she is known for putting women at ease as she guides them on how to elevate their health, wealth and self.

Over the course of her career, she has encountered all sorts of people from her time working at Shell Canada and as a legal professional, as well as a real estate investor, export company owner, and online marketer, always forging strong connections and learning what makes others tick along the way. As a result, she regularly works with women to help them achieve their goals which range from listening to their inner voice to adopting a positive mindset, establishing financial security and reclaiming their power especially when things are falling apart.

A natural nurturer and compassionate caregiver, Glenda is actively involved in a number of charitable organizations including the Reena Foundation, a non-profit which promotes dignity, individuality, independence and community inclusion for people with developmental disabilities, Out of the Cold, an initiative that provides food and shelter to the homeless during the winter months, and the Breast Cancer Society of Canada, a charity dedicated to saving lives through breast cancer research.

Using her remarkable and fascinating journey as inspiration, Glenda is on an exciting mission to empower people to realize their inner power in order for them to rebuild themselves and accomplish all of their desires.